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Dec. 1st, 2011

willow closeup

Fic: half a world away (she weeps)

I come bearing fic again! This one's been almost three years in the making, I wrote about a page of it while I was still in high school and never wrote any more until now, but still kept the whole plot in my head all that time. So then when I saw the prompts over at the whichwillow ficathon, I knew I would write it, for real this time!

Title: half a world away (she weeps)
Author: artemis_ephesus
Willow (Giles, Althenea)
Rating: PG (for somewhat graphic instances of violence)
Words: 4100
Summary: Willow's time in England, following on from the events of 6x22: Grave. No spoilers for season 7, if anyone still hasn't seen all of the series.

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Nov. 30th, 2011

river stormcage


I just received a notification that The Elegy of Melody Pond has been nominated for the Doctor/River Fanfiction awards at dr_river_awards! Thank you to whoever nominated the fic! I'm most happy :)

Now all I have to do is figure out which categories this fic falls into! And if it is actually a River/Doctor fic... obviously someone thought it was, though.


Nov. 18th, 2011

river stormcage

So excited!

Everyone, everyone!

Look what I just got in the mail! It was just sitting there in my mailbox with all the other boring letters! I don't even know who it's from! (Though technically, it's got a number one on it, so it is from me in the future...???)

Sorry for the fuzzy photoCollapse )

I have no idea what it's about at all. The coordinates show a place in town that's really no-where, it's like a junk yard or car yard or
something, and I don't even know if I'll be home on that date because I'm in Brisbane most of the time for uni. Aaargh! So excited! (Hey, at least it's not in Utah! Hopefully someone won't die...???)

Nov. 11th, 2011

melody sepia

Fic: The Elegy of Melody Pond

Title: The Elegy of Melody Pond
Author: [info]artemis_ephesus 
Characters: Melody Pond, River Song
Rating: PG (for gratuitous formatting)
Word Count: 547
Disclaimer: All recognizable characters, settings and ideas are not my own. I merely play.
Notes: I thought it would be nice to explore how Melody Pond became River Song. And because I was so profoundly moved by the last scene of Closing Time (and watched it thirty times in a row, before not being able to sleep all night), I thought it would be nice to see what was going through River's head at that time. I don't quite know why it's written the way it is though. It just seemed right to play around a bit.
lonewytch has written a bit of a response/companion piece to this fic, which describes River's time at the Luna University and finished right where this fic begins. It's a wonderful piece, very evocative and haunting and sweet, so check it out here:  They say there is a doorway from heart to heart

The Elegy of Melody Pond
by artemisofephesus
Kovarian is here, hiding in the shadows;
            pale skin lit by moonlight, red lips taunting her and baiting her;
and she thinks there is something just out of sight behind and turns to look but as soon as she turns her head back
                                                 there is nothing there.
River doesn't know how she came to be here, how she managed to hunt her down. She couldn't have found her, everything is wrong. Kovarian is looking for Melody Pond, but Melody Pond does not exist here anymore. Melody Pond died a long time ago,
                                                            (along with the other selves that could have been).
I am River Song.
The voice of her nightmares is speaking to her, and her mind is trying to rationalise, to divide reality from fairy tale.
                        It's a story.
The time lord cannot die, she will not let it happen. He would, but she cannot. Melody Pond was made to kill the Doctor, and River Song will do anything, everything to make sure that it will never, ever happen. She has killed enough, but if it must be so, she will kill time to stop it. No matter what they whisper in her ear when she is asleep in her room at Greystark, no matter what triggers they have planted in her mind, no matter how many people
                                                          (eyes bound to prevent them from running)
                                                                        she has liberated on their command.
I am River Song.
Hands grab her from both sides; the clerics she grew up with, except that now they are not even imagined friends anymore. She can feel
            their cold fingers on the smooth inside of her wrists where the sleeves of her graduation gown
                  fall short; stubby fingernails forming half-moons on pale skin,
            the small, cold, excited eyes of Kovarian following her, lips stretching into a wide, cruel smile,

            the press of metal against her arm, her own hiss and the sharp pain that follows, and the
                                wall off bricks that hits her senses as the tranquiliser hits her blood stream.
She tries to fight, to fight like the always does, to fight (like the Doctor wouldn't), but her legs are across the other side of the room and her hands
                                              have dropped to the floor like dead weights.
I am River Song
Her eyes are slipping shut but her mind is still clear, trying to anticipate Kovarian's next move, trying to keep one step ahead in her mind at least. But then she sees
a flash of white
and her body kicks into overdrive. No, no... no.  Not again. She can't wear the suit again, she can't bear what it almost did last time. She can't (can't can't). She is
                                    River Song now,
                                                not Melody Pond.
Melody Pond wore the space suit, Melody Pond was conditioned to kill the Doctor, the suit was meant for her, Melody Pond,
                                                                     (not for River Song).

Please, she pleads with Kovarian in her mind, like she had so many times before. Please don't do this. I'm not Melody Pond anymore. You can't make me be Melody Pond.
Her vision blurs. The light fades from the room. Somewhere, on the shores of a lake, Melody Pond stands opposite her, and turns and walks away. Never looking back.
                                                                                                                        I am River Song.

Oct. 30th, 2011

river stormcage

An infographic... or not.

Entry for Challenge #1 at parallelearth! I really don't know if this counts as an infographic or not, but hey, if it doesn't, I still have a brand new, tardis-blue River Song journal for my efforts.

If you don't mind, I'm now going to have a shower, seeing as it's been sticky hot all day and it's now pouring rain outside. Nothing like a bit of storm at 10pm to freshen you up :D
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Oct. 2nd, 2011

river stormcage

Doctor Who Icons

These were originally made for docwholand's 20in20 challenge, but then that never got finished. So I thought I'd share them here because I think some of them are actually kinda awesome.

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Oct. 1st, 2011

river stormcage

New land comm!

Hope this pimping post is allowed here! No-one else has posted it yet.

Come join
a Doctor Who land community by [info]veronicasleeps (though I was the one that made her do it :)) to replace the old land comm, [info]docwholand, which disappeared as suddenly as the lost moon of Poosh!

Applications are here and the community FAQ is here.

Hope to see you there! *cough*join the adventurers*cough*

Sep. 3rd, 2011

river stormcage

Let's Kill Hitler - Thinky thoughts

I don't usually do this kind of thing, post reactions/reviews for episodes, but seeing as this is Doctor Who and it's finally back, I need to get thoughts out into the open. A week later than everyone else, mind you, because I promised my sister. (I don't even know why. She doesn't even want to talk to me about them now. Huh.)

I've been so excited. After I watched TIA for the first time, I had to stop to breathe and calm down first. It was everything I'd hoped for. But ten minutes into the episode, I was having that feeling, you know that feeling when you're thinking "oh, I'm not going to like this... WHY am I not liking this?"

It's not that I didn't enjoy the episode. I mean, it's DOCTOR WHO. But things in it niggled me the wrong way. Of course, a lot of things were awesome, such as that River quote about the 3rd Reich. So here's some things I'm thinking.

(Disclaimer - have only seen the episode once, twenty minutes ago. I may need to rewatch it. I will, several times probably.)

Crop circles to get the Doctor's attention? Brilliant. Using his own tactics against him! I loved lots of the details - Melody giving the Doctor her regenerations (because that's an explanation whose implications work, even though I imagine some older who fans might not like it too much), the Tardis being the one who taught River to fly her (also, I wrote a fic that had the Tardis seeing River as a sister a while ago!), that one moment of outrage when the Doctor (doesn't) ask the justice people inside the teselectra who they think they are for torturing people whom they think should be tortured. The banana gag. *giggles* The info on the Silence, and that they're a religious order rather than a species. (Well, the bit about the question was a bit strange.)

I think the main thing about this episode that made me have that "why am I not liking this" feeling is Mels. I mean, she's loud, brash, violent for no reason, and makes no sense. How did she get into Amy and Rory's childhood in the first place? Who does she live with - as a child, she'd have to have a home of some sort, otherwise it's a bit suspicious. For someone who's been brainwashed into wanting to kill the Doctor, she's not really that effective an assassin.

I think I liked how Amy and Rory got to raise her, in a way, after all. But did she have to be so obnoxious? Really? The first half of the episode just had me cringing at her. Then it all got a lot better, with some truly beautiful scenes towards the end, especially the "who is River Song" question. I mean, I do think that her brainwashing tuned out too quickly, but I have to say, the scenes were touching at the end. Although I was expecting the Doctor to have told River (the River he knows and who loves him) to come and fix him, and she'd zap in with her vortex manipulator and then save him, while Melody-River watches. So she got better. But seeing as she failed to kill him in the end, and actually help him, does anyone else think there are going to be repercussions for her? When Korvarian and the Silence (etc, whoever it is really) find out that she failed?

I love River. I love her to bits so much, I literally get butterflies when I see her. But this early River? Didn't do it for me. I expected her to be a bit more angsty and driven early on in her life, I guess. Maybe if I rewatch it, I'll like her more. I hated her in SitL/FotD at first as well.

The implications for River from this episode are kinda problematic though. She's been strong, feisty, a leading female character with real agency, a career, a focus. But everything about her is just becoming more and more tied to her relationship to the Doctor. I mean, she becomes an archaeologist just to find him. Is it just me or is her agency getting lower? (I've been reading a lot of gabrielleabelle's meta/feminism stuff lately, so agency is on my mind a lot.)

Also - why on earth did Amy disable her own authorisation thing, not the other people's? That just doesn't make sense. The antibodies were cool though. And the idea of the people being inside the teselectra. Tee hee. I saw that almost immediately. I actually did like the fact that Hitler was just shut in a cupboard though, because the plot wasn't really about him. They didn't plan to land in WW2 and lecture Hitler. So that fitted, I thought.

One last thing - the greatest war criminal idea. Obviously we haven't seen the entirety of River's crimes yet, but it doesn't really fit with me. I mean, the Doctor did kill an entire two races in the Time War. I have trouble seeing River as worse than that. I don't know.

Anyway, all in all, it was a good episode - but problematic. And it wasn't what  was expecting. I guess it's mainly Mels fault. Maybe if she hadn't been so utterly obnoxious, I would have liked the episode better. Maybe Moffatt should just stop throwing in random characters without prior warning, characters whom we're meant to accept have been there all along, but hey, we just never saw them. (It's like JKR and the whole horcrux thing. Seriously? Major plot device at the end of the sixth book of seven?)

It's still a whole lot better than Torchwood: Miracle Day though. I mean, it's Doctor Who. I love it to bits just for that. But I'm just feeling a little let down, I guess. *sigh*

Back to ritualised marine midden formation essays, then.

EDIT: I have been meaning to say this for ages, but never got to actually posting. The very first time I saw the comic con released trailer for the second part of series 6, I noticed that the scene on the beach, where the astronaut shoots the Doctor, is different. There are three versions of it, used in different trailers and in the episode. In one, he pretty much drops close to the feet of the astronaut, in the other, he if thrown back quite a distance. In the scene in the episode, she staggers a couple of feet. What coult this mean? There is definitely more to that scene than we think.

Apr. 12th, 2011

willow closeup

Fic: Willow's Letter

A letter from Willow in England - post-Grave, pre-Lessons - to Buffy. Gen, PG rated.

Trying to get my mind back around the Willow-fic I've been writing for the last year or so. Decided to write something spontaneous in letter form to get me back into the right mood. We'll see if it works. Nothing spectacular, just two hours of writing whatever comes to mind.



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Mar. 11th, 2011

river stormcage

30 Days of Buffy: Day Two - Favourite Episode

I should have mentioned that I probably won't get to do this on 30 consecutive days.

There are a lot of brilliant episodes of Buffy. That's why I watch the show. But if you were going to force me to choose one, it would be this one:

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